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Monday, March 5, 2012

HE Confession #1:When a Man Is In Love

Love can be fun, great, or make you hurt profusely, but love is a term that used too loosely. When does a man know he's in love? Is it in his silence of her or the things he speaks of? A man knows he's in love without a shadow of a doubt when he's away from her and he can't be without. Without the warmth of her body, the sound of her voice, that leaves him in a trance. If she was a mountain of love he would be satisfied with a stone of romance. A man knows he's in love when it's not all about money, games, and fun. It's when he realizes he has a Jet Li and she is the ONE.....


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    "It's okay to be in love... but never be so in love, that it drowns you in salt water, making you blind. If a man loves you back, he will show you... no if and's or buts about that one... and he will want the world to know it, and that you are his girl and he won’t be hiding you. I am a man, so I can tell you, about how a man thinks. A man in love will not choose his... homeboys over his girl. He doesn't give a damn what they think... he will fill his Facebook page up with pictures of the both of you, because he wants to show his girl off... he goes everywhere with his girl... he supplies her every need within his reach. She never ever has to ask, because when a man loves his girl, he already knows what she needs and has no problem giving it to her. He does what ever he has to do to make her happy without loosing his manhood... because at some point, a man has to stop a woman in her tracks, and remind her not to take his kindness for a weakness. No relationship is perfect... but some are worth those small bumps in the road. Learn to distinguish the difference between love and bull****. Love can be seen and felt and talks to you daily... sometimes all day. Don't waste your time on a man who will not waste a minute on you. Don't fool your mind into seeing illusions. There is somebody out here for everybody, and if he don't want you, someone else will.

    There are two kinds of women I keep seeing: The one who complains all day about a man and the woman who never complains at all because she is too busy enjoying life with a man who genuinely loves her because she knows what love is and what a man looks like who loves her. The other woman doesn't have a clue at all... that's why she keeps ending up with the men she rants about.” ~~D. Manuel

  3. You are writing just few lines but your few lines are very romantic, touching, and create romance inside the minds of readers.

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  6. whats the most noticable thing you can see when a man is in Love?


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