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Friday, March 14, 2014

6 Ways to Successfully Work With Your Significant Other

Sustaining a loving relationship poses challenges of it's own, much less trying to maintain a working relationship with the one you love. Hear how Rachel manages to keep things flowing in her work/love relationship:

                               On Working With Your Significant Other

Jameson and I began writing songs together after we broke up. That might sound odd, but for us it made sense. Sure, we had grievances with one another, but that didn’t mean we should have to stop hanging out!
Since then, we've gotten back together and worked through some of those grievances. At the same time, our songwriting has morphed into a full-on start-up enterprise. However, learning how to work together and be together as a couple has been no small challenge. More than once, my housemates (i.e. my parents) have heard me stomping around my room in the midst of a full-on phone tantrum.
And yet, I feel like I’ve also learned a few things.
If you’re thinking of starting a business with your significant other, here are some tips:
1. Don’t tell them their ideas suck. Just because you’re comfortable with one another, doesn’t mean you can eschew common courtesy.
2. Separate work from play. Set specific times when you’re going to work and specific times when you’re going to hang out. Oh, and constantly checking work emails during hangout time defeats the purpose.
3. Control your emotions. If something happened outside of work, leave it there. Vent to your journal, if need be, then get over it. You can’t do good work if you’re annoyed.
4. Keep your priorities in check. What’s more important to you: the product you’re creating or the person you create it with?
5. Praise one another. Too often, we don’t praise gifted people because we’re certain they already know how great they are. Not true. We all need to be encouraged in our gifts, especially artists.
6. Say thank you. Because any endeavor requires both your gifts. Because there is a lot to do and you couldn't do it without them. r. yellen 
Guest Blogger, Rachel Yellen is a co-writer/band mate of the band Windsor.


  1. Replies
    1. Never Be Mine is such a beautiful song. I can hear the love in your music. I will keep an eye/ear out for Windsor. I wish you much success!

  2. Personally I would not want to have a working relationship with my significant other because of the added stress it may create, but the thoughts you have shared make great points and will surely help the relationship work through the difficulties you may encounter.

  3. T have no word for this song i really love this song.Thanks for sharing us.

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  5. Great ideas. It's amazing how working together is much the same as any other relationship issue in that it requires similar skills to deal with the situation. I especially like the idea of praising the other person instead of tearing them down in some way.

  6. Thanks for posting. This was really educative

  7. Great article, thank you for the insight. I definitely find that taking the time to appreciate one another is a HUGE part of a successful relationship.

  8. working with your partner can be amazing or it can be devastating... which will end up creating situations for your personal lifes.

  9. Great post! Me and my partner love working together. We always support each other in everything that we do. There are no competitions whatsoever as we have the same goal and belief. Your lists are right and it's really effective if both parties does the same.

    Anyway, I've joined a relationship group ( wherein you can discuss problems similar to this topic and you can actually get advice from real people.

  10. It is best to divide up the decision making power and responsibilities to avoid arguments and problems.

  11. May i consider your ideas you are offered to your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work.Thanks for the post.


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